Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Single Review: Modern Comforts 'Easy Tiger'

Up and coming alt rock band from the Midlands; Modern Comforts release their brand new single on the 3rd of December titled, Easy Tiger. Luckily for us we got an early listen to see exactly what's on the cards!

With prominent influences from the likes of the: Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian shining through, the band holds a genuine, raw, rock and roll sound - something quite refreshing in today's techno impacted music scene. Possessing simple yet efficacious instrumental values, Easy Tiger embraces thick and powerful guitar riffs, as well as sharp drum beats to pull the track firmly together. Vocalist, Connor Curran brings a sense of nostalgia to their music, resembling acts from the late 80's through to the early 2000's with his exaggerated, slurred lyrics. Reminiscent of artists such as Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) mixed with Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), his vocals are vigorous and full of attitude, catapulting the track forward with an old Brit pop, English punk vibe.

Easy Tiger is a track that is difficult to not be taken away by, as it brings aspects back from old school rock and roll that can only be admired, some of which can be lacking in todays alternative music scene. The direction the band are taking with this song is evidently clear and is an extremely compelling single. An overall  impressive track by the quartet who's future is incredibly exciting.

Review by Josh Bates

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