Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Review: The Sore Losers 'Skydogs'

‘Blood Moon Shining’ begins with a hypnotic melody and authentic rock vocals by Jan Straetemans. The lyrics are simple but full of nostalgia from the true rock era, 1969.

‘Got it bad’ is made up of four short versus and a catchy chorus. This track is another nod to classic rock but is also infused with blues. The guitar solo is short but explosive.
The guitar solo in ‘Cherry Cherry’ will blow your mind. It truly is a beauty to behold. This fast-paced track is energetic and catchy.

‘Can’t you see me running’ begins with a funk undertone and lyrical pronunciation similar to that of ‘The Raconteurs’, who the band has been likened to before. A mesmerizing guitar solo breaks out near the end of the song and lasts for around 30 seconds, just long enough to transport you from your mundane surroundings into an orgasmic guitar fantasy.

Unlike the other tracks ‘Emily’ starts with simple percussion and picks up with drums.  The vocals and harmonies are captivating. The echo effect that has been used coincides with the lyrics and compliments the overall sound.

The vocals in ‘Dirty Little Pretty Things’ are overpowered by the effect that has been used, which unfortunately has made is indistinguishable. The entire track sounds loud and messy.

‘All I am’ takes it down a notch and shows a different side to the album. It’s easy to imagine, lying on your bed, after a sore breakup with this track playing in the background through a record player.

‘Nightcrawler’ is quite underwhelming as it sounds a little too similar to some of the other tracks. However, the lyrics are catchy and the instrumental is a welcoming break before the tempo picks up again, towards the end.

Unfortunately, the lyrics in ‘Don’t Want It Here’ are lost behind the instruments, similarly to ‘Dirty Little Pretty Things’ in that the track appears messier than the others with overpowering effects.
The chorus in ‘White Whale’ is intriguingly beautiful, as is the guitar solo which takes place around three quarters of the way through the song.

The standout tracks are situated at the beginning of the album. Unfortunately, the songs from the middle to the end are mediocre at best. However, that’s somewhat easy to overlook when the band is delivering music that is inspired by authentic rock and roll.

Review by Gemz Ali

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