Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Review: Finding Kate 'If I Fall'

Spouting influences from Deftones to Avril Lavigne - London's Finding Kate have been making a fair amount of noise throughout the music industry since the release of former EP 'Inside Out'. With 'If I Fall' the dynamic Kate has returned with a fresh ensemble of music to unleash upon us.

The first track, ‘Drowning’, on Finding Kate’s album starts the album off with a clear indication of what the band has to offer. The opening melody is nostalgic and reminiscent of the early noughties. However, the vocals are overpowered by the instruments, meaning the lyrics are significantly inaudible.

‘Forever’ is one of the catchiest songs on the album, with an addictive melody and an overall seductive sound. The band have managed to find the balance between the vocals and the instruments in this track, which is a significant change as it makes it easier to understand the story behind the song.

The fifth track of the album, ‘Get Over You’, is definitely a stand out. The vocals are powerful and emotive, with beautiful guitar riffs playing throughout. The only downside again however, is that even though the vocals are powerful, they are still barely audible over the instruments. The theme of the song is highly relatable; the feeling of longing and infatuation – a perfect break up song.

‘If You Fall’ is a track which is full of teenage angst; a song reminiscent to a track that would be found in ‘Twilight’. It tells the story of loneliness and pain – of wanting to save someone you love and feel a connection with. The guitar is strong throughout, with the drums taking a backseat, this balances the song a lot better than those previously, as the vocals can now be heard clearly.

‘It’s Over’, is lyrically strong, conveying a message to someone asking them not to leave and not to give up. The piano played throughout the track is beautiful, complementing the vocals well.

For the most part, this album is strong and full of emotion, but the running theme throughout is that the instruments overpower the vocals, which is a shame as there is clearly talent here. A downside to this album is that one song blends in to the other and in general, the vocals are monotonous. They only really stand out in ‘Forever’ and ‘It’s Over’. This is where Kate’s talent really shows.

Review by: Ameerah Ali

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