Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Review: Diamond Days 'The Death Of Us'

After successful debut EP ‘We’ve Come A Long Way’, Liverpudlian rock outfit Diamond Days are back with their second offering; ‘The Death Of Us’. Packed with a cacophony of zest and enthusiasm, it’s an EP that can at times can flirt with greatness, and at others lack an ounce or two of inspiration.

Title track ‘The Death Of Us’ is a shining example of what the quartet can offer; insatiable hooks, powerful vocals and plenty of attitude. Most relatable to renowned Surrey rock band You Me At Six’s ‘Hold Me Down’ record, the track attacks with a plentiful amount of melody and pace, the kind that highlights the song as one that could play a sizeable role in the future of this band.

What follows is where the EP does go downhill somewhat, with music that does little more than tread over swollen ground. With ‘Not Every Song With A Long Name Was Written by Fall Out Boy’ featuring uninventive lyrics such as “Get up, get up, get down honey” it hits as a disappointment considering the band have shown they are capable of much more.

While at no point does ‘The Death Of Us’ descend into a bad EP, at the same time it rarely shows off the idea that Diamond Days have something unique to bring into a crowded genre. ‘Kings And Queens’ is a bland affair that aside from some interesting drum fills from Mark Highdale, never really gets out of second gear, with a chorus that feels anti climatic.

‘We Are Young’ brings something different to the record with a more succinct, lush tone that puts vocal/guitarist Alex Fearn at the forefront. Despite the slower edge, the key changes from Fearn still manage to give the track a punch and showcases a level of talent from the vocalist that the EP was waiting for.

With ‘The Death Of Us’ Diamond Days are notching some experience under their belt, while not quite refined enough to swing punches with the big boys of the rock genre yet, there’s no reason to suggest that with some moulding; this band have an interesting future awaiting them.

Score: 7/10 


Review by Kristian Pugh - @KrisPugh_x

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