Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Review: COPE 'Challenge Oppression//Pursue Equality

In short - COPE will blow your socks off at the very least.

London Punk outfit COPE are on the verge of their EP release entitled “Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality” and they certainly waste no time in showing the listener what they’re all about. Hardcore Punk Rock at its finest. The first track ‘Season’s Ending’ is a Tyson fury of dissonant light beauteous riffs paired with classic screaming vocals. When the verse riffs and drums break in your ready and transported to a grungy stage on which COPE are illuminated destroying the scene.

Second on the EP ‘Voyage’ has some great guitar riffs and palm muting sections which in the style is a fresh entry to this genre but not too different that it becomes uncomfortable at all. COPE also display they’re ability for amazing lyricism, ‘No Man is an Island’ such a beautiful image to paint against such chaotic and heavy instrumentation.

‘Here’s Hoping’ is a crescendo of power from beginning to end, with metal esque prowess the bands drummer blasts through with awesome fills and cymbal work that marries so well to the guitar riffs. The vocals have a cleaner presence here, it works well and although it’s a subtle difference but it does take away slightly in relation to the other tracks where the vocalists sounds like he is booming his heart out.

Penultimate track ‘Crooks and Thieves’ is a pull back to formula, crashing drums and solo guitar riffs carry the punk rhythms in the guitar and bass, holding the hearty vocals. The breakdown in this track is also a great addition, and separates the fast pace between the start and the end, it’s a smart part of the song that showcases the bands song writing abilities for sure.

Lastly on the EP is ‘Now or Never’ coincidentally the single from the collection. In the best way possible this song is the highlight and peak of the talent in COPE. Brilliant punk riffs and drums separate from the clean vocal choruses. Amazing clever lyricism here in the choruses goes like bread and butter with the solo guitar riffs, so ambient and beautiful. The breakdown in this track is a great crescendo to the end, and a perfect way to the end the EP.

It’s exciting to see how the band will go in the future and as the recording and mixing isn’t the best here I can’t wait to hear a better recorded and polished set of songs from the band. As far as Punk goes this is the best band I’ve heard come through the works in a fair few years, so high hopes.

Challenge Oppression//Pursue Equality is a great EP that showcases a variety of song writing skills sometimes unheard of from a Punk band, there’s bright future ahead for British Punk it seems.

Score: 7/10 

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