Friday, 25 November 2016

Review: Animal House 'Sorry'

Australian Indie-Rock outfit bounce from the speakers in this hearty release.

Animal House infuse late ninety’s and noughties indie rock tropes with classic seventies and eighties punk tones and naturally it’s a perfect fit. First track on the EP ‘Domino’ is straight in at the deep end so to speak, scratchy raw guitar chords and riffs married with the rough vocalist are beautifully cooked to a juicy slab of a song.

The EP really cries out a strokes vibe but second track ‘English Girls’ is more reminiscent of Jamie T or what the public know as classic Indie Rock, with the likes of The Wombats or Arctic Monkeys. It’s a great array of talent bursting at the seams and really captures the quirky nature of the band themselves. You almost feel immersed in the member’s personalities. And to put icing on the cake, the lyrics are darn right hilarious, but not in the way that it takes away from the music itself.

‘Heavy’ brings back that classic feel again with riffs that could have been on an early Arctic Monkeys EP, even the tone of the guitars are similar here and it works so well against the vocalists inflections in the verses and also his rawness in the choruses.

The penultimate track ‘Lemon & Lime’ screams out Britishness to me and of course my interpretation is biased. But I really feel the band have captured something special with this EP, because it’s so relatable, every song speaks to you on a personal level, but is a perfect mixture of weird and sporadic instrumentation that makes you want to dance.

Finally on the album is ‘Tequila’ and if any song on earth screams out sun, sand and cocktails it’s this track. It’s the kind of track you could imagine being played on SpongeBob or just on a film with a beach scene. It shows real depth to the bands abilities with riffs and solos and is also great percussively with the drums. The vocalist as always is a great kind of mad and it all works so well here and throughout the EP.

In it's essence, 'Sorry' is a glowing example of what great Indie-Rock sounds like and everything seems to be in position for Animal House to make something great of themselves.

Score: 7/10 


Review by Martin Turner

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