Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Live Review: WSTR, Milestones, Beneath The Lights

Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to see rising pop punk breakthrough band, WSTR live on their 'The Inbetween Tour' at Leicester's O2 Academy. Heading in with high expectations the Liverpool punk rockers  didn't disappoint.

Opening the night were local band, ‘Beneath The Lights’ who while a large percentage of the crowd may not have been aware of the band previously, they were certain to be glad to have discovered them. Sadly pulling in only a small crowd of 10 or so people caused for a unfortunate atmosphere, yet the bands performance was worthy of more, with their alternative rock meets pop punk hybrid sound engulfing the room, the lads kicked off the night right. A strong stage presence particularly from bassist, Harry Buttery added plenty of character to their performance as he threw himself around the stage carelessly in true punk fashion - certainly the centre piece of their set.

Main supports of the night came from Manchester bred five piece ‘Milestones’ - a band that have already made a name for themselves in the underground pop punk scene. Bringing a more mellow sound to the lineup, they came a cross controlled and collective as they beamed their magic to the slowly growing, Leicester crowd. Instantly drawn to front-man, Matthew John Clarke's clean-cut vocals, he showcased perfect clarity as he connected to the audience. Popping out some cracking melodies, Milestones showed some great instrumental value as they blasted their authenticity out. Still with a disappointing turn out, the spread crowd held little more movement than the odd bounce of the head and occasional clap along. Nevertheless it was still a fantastic performance by Milestones who come across as a band that would certainly flourish if they were given the chance to headline their own show.

With, Leicester's, O2 Academy attracting a modest number of gig goers out of nowhere, it was time for the headliners to fulfill the night. Welcomed to the stage by a somewhat peculiar clubland mix; WSTR kicked off with fan favourite track, 'Fair Weather'. A song all about good times with good company the band's compelling stage presence saw a rush of energy go through the crowd, not to be interrupted through the entire night.

With a short set list of only 9 songs compiling all of their material, a new track was on the cards. Splurging out a powerful thrashy rhyme, WSTR released, 'Gobshite' which was previously unheard - packing everything they possibly could into a track way under two minutes long, they then delved into 'Lonely Smiles' and 'Footprints', providing the ultimate sing alongs that had the whole crowd bouncing endlessly. Nothing less than a good time.

The end of the set featured familiar tracks from the band's only E.P, ‘Skrwd’, ‘Graveyard Shift’ and ‘South Drive’ - added a sense of nostalgia to the band's earlier pieces. Not letting go of the high they started with, WSTR continued to keep on giving - something they should be credited for. As the band wrapped up their final song, they said their good byes and abandoned the stage, actions no one was prepared to let happen. Embracing a loud 'WE WANT MORE' chant they soon retook the stage to perform one more time, giving us a taste of their crowd pleasing cover of Limp Bizkit's, ‘Break Stuff’ Living up to the songs name, WSTR had everyone moshing furiously giving the track the justice it deserved. Fun times all round and a thoroughly enjoyable night.

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