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Live Review: Bullet For My Valentine w/ Killswitch Engage & Cane Hill @ Newport Centre - 24/11//16

An endless line outside the Newport Centre on this rather chilly evening is an encouraging sight to behold. The anticipation can almost be plucked out from the crisp air as the Welsh city prepares for a night of unbridled heaviness without equal.

Not many are exactly thrilled at the sight of the New Orleans nu metallers Cane Hill [5/10]. The Louisiana based quartet slog through their brand of heavily Korn influenced riffs with little enthusiasm shown from their audience. Frontman Elijah Witt is a little uninspiring with his childish comments while drummer Devin Clark comes off a little sloppy. With little to no remarkable features to this band, they’ve done surprisingly well to promote their 2016 release Smile. However, the road is a long one if they wish to gain a bit more credibility as an on stage tour de force in the future.

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Killswitch Engage [9/10] make light work of the openers and show Newport how it’s done. The metalcore veterans are truly one of the diamond acts of our generation. To see Jesse Leach at the microphone again still shoots chills down the spine as the fanboy, wide-eyed fifteen-year-old inside everyone in the venue screams to the ceiling in euphoria. Riding full force off their latest record Incarnate, set opener "Alone I Stand" sends a clear message to the mosh pit to get fucking spinning, sharpish!

While the new material in their arsenal of destruction fuel the pits, they manage to cover all the bases from their back catalogue and holy shit do they go down a storm. Pulverised by the sheer heaviness of "This Fire Burns" and "Hate By Design", not a single vocal cord on the floor stays silent as "My Last Serenade" hits everyone in the forehead, blowing brain matter all over the floor. The unqualified banter of guitarist Adam D. is a sight to behold that has the crowd in stitches. Citing the two circle pits as a heavily set pair of testicles as well as showing his appreciation of beer and women with low, low standards is all part of the Killswitch charm that we’ve grown to love over the years.

Recognising the location, Leach proudly parades the Welsh flag that results in an overwhelming cheer. A nice touch to an unparalleled set that concludes with the immortal anthems "The End Of Heartache", "My Curse" and newcomer "Strength Of The Mind", rounding off an arguably perfect performance. After 17 years, no one does it better.

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Any other band would have a hard time matching such a defining act, but Bullet For My Valentine [9/10] aren’t just any band. What a freight train is to a watermelon, opening track "No Way Out" is to the skull. Exploding onto the stage with generous amount of pyrotechnics, the Bullet boys are dressed up to the nines, shirts, ties and all. With white-hot ferocity, thunderous down-tuned riffery and fingers like the Millennium Falcon in a rush to beat traffic, frontman Matt Tuck with fellow shredder Michael ‘Padge’ Paget have solidly become a staple of twenty-first century metal. Having relentlessly toured their 2015 release Venom, it becomes clear how far this band have come and how much the road has matured them as musicians. With their fans tightly in their grip, the non-stop barrage of classic headbangers come thick and fast. Breathing no longer becomes an option as chorus after epic chorus leave throats dry and begging for more. With notable mention to Jason Bowld who’s still sitting in for drummer Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas, he manages to put his little spin here and there that adds some spice to the set.

After producing an industrious amount of adrenaline, the waterworks are pushed to their limits as ultimate feel-jerker "Hearts Burst Into Fire" makes its way back into the fold after years of being left on the shelf. Having been the location for the song’s music video, Newport is pushed to its emotional limits that leaves no soul untouched. Delving into old territory with the likes of "4 Words (To Choke Upon)" and "Hand Of Blood", the night concludes with not one, but a double encore. Wrapping up with the brand new stormer "Don’t Need You" is a bold decision, but ultimately pays off. Though selected dates of the tour will see the four-piece play their masterpiece The Poison in its entirety, by the looks on the faces tonight, not a single fuck has or will be given about it.

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