Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Ten Last Seconds of Life: 'The Violent Sound' - Album Review

In the recent metal scene, The Ten Last Seconds of Life have been trying to smash their way into forefront. From what started in 2010 has come a long way for them. ‘The Violent Sound’, their fourth album, looks to make it’s impact October 21st. They’ve done a lot since they started and have come a long way - so let’s take a look.

‘Little Black Line’ starts oddly with a bit of cheese before slamming into it. It picks up but does fall back into this sense of displaced clean vocals. ‘The Drip’ shows a lot more in sense of snarling vocals and allows the band to come out of their shell a bit more. Here there’s a bit more of a sense of Korn which gives the song a bit more charm despite the much heavier moments. ‘Bloodlust’ we start to see the power of the band come into their own and the varied nature that they approach vocal works with powerful Metal. ‘Six Feet’ feels a lot more traditional but kicks up a lot of energy. ‘The Violent Sound’ builds into some strong moments of Metal paired with melody and the sheer violence it wants to spit at you. ‘Casanova’ feels a bit more groovy and therefore makes for quite a catchy song, though can be easily missed on a casual listen and should be returned to. ‘Bag of Bones’ picks things up for one of the stronger songs of the album, being both powerful metal and a bit more unique at the same time. ‘Switch’ has a bit more atmosphere but ‘Blind Faith’ picks up some of the power again and is a much stronger song. ‘Wise Blood’ carries an interesting bass line but later kicks in with better guitar lines. ‘Social Suicide’ has the sense of story and atmosphere which really delivers a great song though perhaps not for everyone. ‘Last Words’ last song is a fun little smash to our eardrums for a final cry for the band. Surprises mostly in melody making it a strong song for the album.

‘The Violent Sound’ is an album that starts with a bit of a fall before it picks up towards the end with some better songs. It runs the risk of you missing these songs as they manage to grab you after you’ve got a sense of how the songs can meld together with some of the earlier tracks. There are some really strong songs worth listening out for though. A well-developed album by their band and shows the strength of being a fourth album.

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