Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Soulwound: 'No Peace' - Album Review

“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we are tonight’s entertainment.” Begins the recent album by Soulwound – ‘No Peace’. The very way that this album starts it feels… different, it feels… aggressive. Like a mocking spit, these lines are uttered. A taunt before a classification of ‘Impulsive Aggression’. The introduction to something that is aggression and energy in what you’d expect from Thrash Metal. Finnish Metallers Soulwound have been on the scene for a while now honing their anger. This, their second album, just feels like a natural progression from this place of ‘Impulsive Aggression’.

‘Hurt Me Plenty’, an energetic groove to this mocking aggression, takes the album into more familiar Metal (and music) territory. ‘Altars of Skin’ recalls a bit more Death and there’s a slight tint of Zyklon. In a speedy complimenting drum, it rocks out a steady beat to their aggression. ‘No Peace’ feels like a love letter for that pure Metal aggression you don’t seem to see much of anymore. Despite this obvious Thrash aggression, I can’t help but see the tints of Death here and there. ‘Alone Against All’ continues this Thrash Metal take on things but at times has tints of Deicide – particularly in the vocal layers. ‘Wasteland’ sees a bit more of the groove to give it a bit more of a catchy element. It keeps the album vibrant. ‘Crime and Punishment’ feels a fall back to the sample work that the album saw in the albums intro but this just gives the song a powerful build to something that is every bit powerful Metal. ‘Misery Index’ speeds things up but ‘Hate Speech’ overtakes it. ‘Damned’ is the natural end to such an album – ‘Damned’.

The album keeps it’s aggressive energy and shows a level of complexity to keep the album interesting throughout. Guitar riffs reminding you of a power to pay attention to whilst the vocals play with you in different ways throughout. The drums keeping a powerful speed and impacting bursts but also falling to a steady beat bringing everything forward. This is perhaps only described as impulsive aggression with no peace.

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