Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Shadecrown: 'Agonia' - Album Review

Finland’s latest in Melodic Death Metal show Shadecrown debut with their album, ‘Agonia’, out October 21st. There is a sense in which a lot of Metal struggles to capture the gentle moments of melody as well as sheer aggression. This actually feels like one of the bands best strengths but with ‘Agonia’ there’s a sense where the band’s sound is brought together for their best introduction. So let’s delve right in!

‘Eremophobia’ perfectly captures this as a guitar gently rings out before it all picks up. Complemented by many variations and a piano, the atmosphere of this song is captured beautifully. ‘Led Astray’ is a bit of a dip, the clean vocals, though not bad, aren’t their best strength. ‘Led Astray’s breaks from guitars with Death Grunts and piano is the songs best asset. ‘Ghostlike Existence’ is a faster paced song but still packs their melody, whilst ‘Far Off Innocence’ packs more of a punch before descending into a sheer melodic close. ‘Walk Through Hell’ picks up from here with a sense of excitement and ‘Longing for Sleep’ is an exercise in epic atmosphere for the band. ‘The Ruins of Me’ feel a lot more Metal in a slight move from Death Metal to a modern sound but the song really comes into its own through the symphonic elements. ‘Tear Stained Heart’ is a good example of the bands willingness to stay with a good riff. A lot of Metal bands are quick to introduce vocals over their sound where the guitars and drums can be Metals best sound. This can lead many songs to quickly gloss over their riffs as if they’re afraid to play them too long but throughout Shadecrown show a love for the riffs. ‘Silent Hours’ starts very bleak but is ultimately a combination of many of the bands many elements. Finishing with ‘Drown’, shows a real impressive melody over some very powerful riffs.

A strong effort showing a mature sound from an unlikely first album. Shadecrown’s powerful melodies and willingness to stay with the songs riffs being some of their best assets. As a first listen for the band this album makes  a strong statement for them. With varied songs this is easily an album that will strike people differently, favourite songs being thrown here and there and different from person to person. With a start like this it’ll be interesting to see what will happen next for the band.

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