Thursday, 13 October 2016

Review: You Know The Drill 'Losing Streak'

This Pop-Punk quintet from Birmingham are really going to change the game.

It’s not the first time I will talk about the over-saturation of pop-punk bands clouding our horizons of brilliant bands perhaps obscured in a little corner from the below average. But in the corner along with all the good pop-punk bands would sit You Know the Drill.

The EP kicks it into fifth gear from the starting riff, ‘Peer Pressure’ is a combination of fast paced punk drum patterns and fills laying in a bed of scratchy fast guitar riffs and chords making out with the infectious vocals straight out of a NOFX track. It would seem impossible for a Birmingham based band, or any band for that matter to capture the energy of a NOFX song but the lads have done it here and its hats off to them.

‘Less Than You’ is the next track on the EP and is also the lead single. It’s slightly slower in pace, by slightly; I mean perhaps the difference between 180bpm and 170bpm. The track showcases the bands talent, their sound is massive and their ability to write catchy songs with that pop finesse in lyricism. The riffs are amazing here and the drums are inventive for the genre, and you can clearly see why this was the lead single chosen for the EP.

‘Heads Up’ feels like a ballad, but still has speed in its own way. It's heart-felt and full of emotion. The lyricism here touches you like 'Stay Together for the Kids' by Blink-182 makes you think of home or of a girl and weep. This is the kind of song you could bring up in your Top ten songs that made you feel a particular emotion. The musicianship here is second to none, as it is through the EP, The riffs are delicate as opposed to fast, which is a showcase of the quintets ability and the vocals are performed to an amazing standard.

The Penultimate track is ‘411’ which is where You Know The Drill bring forward the adolescent teen narrative in a new inventive way ‘You won’t get the best of me’ is such a classic line for pop-punk but in this setting it feels fresh, ironically some of the best moments of the record are set off here, some amazing drum fills and great vocal melodies, the choruses especially are musicianship at its finest.

‘Repose’ ends the EP with a bang, with its anthemic feel in the vocals and lyricism mixed with fast paced drums and excellent riffs before the track breaks down to slower and more delicate riffs indicating the end for now. It's worth mentioning that 'Losing Streak' is also an EP that is phenomenally produced, and accents the band perfectly at every attempt. The energy that the pop-punkers have is encapsulated continuously throughout.

As a whole, 'Losing Streak' is excellent and a feel fresh for the genre, You Know The Drill are a band that have created something that is likely to leave listeners desperate for more.

Score: 8/10 


Words by: Martin Turner

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