Monday, 3 October 2016

Review: Those Damn Crows 'Murder And The Motive'

The pre released single, ‘Fear of the Broken’ is jam packed with sleek guitar riffs and clean vocals. The music video for the track consists of sci-fi inspired graphics, which will undoubtedly attract avid gamers and the like, as well as rock enthusiasts. At times the song doesn’t seem to flow in a way that would be expected, which some may find interesting. However, the interchangeable melodies may not be to everyone’s taste.

The first track on the album, ‘Don’t Give a Damn’ starts with a memorable intro, with a tantalizing guitar riff. The vocals on the track appear to be reminiscent of a mixture of glam rock and classic rock styles. This well produced track is catchy, clearly audible and balanced. The refined harmonies and modest drum fills compliment the track well.

You will not be disappointed with the delicious guitar riffs that are present within ‘7 Days’. The quality of the vocals and harmonies are consistent throughout the entire song. The fast paced track slows down for just a moment, with the break, which allows the lyrics to be thoroughly digested by the listener, before the song picks up again with momentum. The message of the song is easy to identify, which is refreshing as there is no room for misinterpretation. Lyrical phrases, such as “...the joke’s on you” are repeated frequently, which is one of the elements of the track that makes it catchy.
‘Someone Someday’ consists of exceptional vocals from lead vocalist, Shane Greenhall, as well as intricate guitar riffs and simple but well executed drum fills. The interchangeable melodies flow naturally, as opposed to the melody changes in ‘Fear of the Broken’.

The track ‘The Fighter’ features an outstanding partnership between lead guitar and drums with a definite focus being placed on both instruments. The inclusion of layered vocals adds a depth and uniqueness, which sets it apart from the other tracks on the album.

‘Killing me’ starts off with a military style drum beat but expands into a mesh of other styles. From a personal opinion, this track doesn’t work as well as some of the others, but there is something unique about it, that is still quite intriguing.

The entire album definitely holds some treasured gems, however, some of the tracks, such as ‘I’ll be coming home’ and ‘breakaway’, can sometimes sound messy and unrefined, which may be exactly what they are going for, but might not be music to everyone’s ears. The band is undoubtedly very talented and some of the songs are pure genius, however, after listening to one song after another, it can all begin to sound a little too similar and this is where lack of variety becomes evident.

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