Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Review: Blank Atlas 'Solitude'

Blank Atlas combine explosive instrumentation with familiar vocal melodies that will have you, your parents and many animals in full chorus.

The Bristol Alternative trio have a strong formula of song writing set in stone for themselves. First two tracks ‘Lost at Sea’ and ‘Running’ have similar vibes which you can hear in the instrumentation. Powerful riffs and choruses break out through the vocals that sit beautifully in the mix. The Choruses get you hooked and after a few listens you’ll have no need for a lyric sheet, just shows the talent of song writing the trio have.

The Third track on the EP ‘Buried’ is slightly different this time using a more pop-punk riff for the choruses which works so well with the lucid heavy tone of the guitars. The verses have a very raw feel to them toying with another pop-punk tradition of having only bass and drums behind the vocals which works so well for the track.

The penultimate track ‘Miles Apart’ is a calamity of amazing writing, pairing soft verses with heavy choruses making it almost ballad-esque, but so far from still. The guitar work here is fantastic and has the best riffs on the EP, beautiful sink in your skin melodies in the verses and hard hitting riffing before choruses. Topping it all off with a beautifully performed a-cappella to finish.

The Final track ‘Liars Eyes’ throws you out with a bang, amazing bass lines and yet again incredible guitar work, featuring impressive solo work which you don’t always see when there is only one guitar present. The lyricism and performance here vocally is at its best on the EP and on the whole this may be the best track on an EP I’ve heard all year. It features so many dimensions of musicianship from drums to vocals it’s so accessible yet so interesting in every way.

'Solitude' is an incredible EP that is fantastically written and performed, this band has a real chance of being the next big British Rock band.

Score: 8/10


Words by: Martin Turner

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