Friday, 21 October 2016

Review: Altered Perceptions 'From Rise To Ruins'

If you were to add every metal sub-genre together, and look at heavy music as a whole, the chances are you’d come to the conclusion that being unique in any form of heavy music would be an unenviable task in 2016. Chicago’s Altered Perceptions however have managed to put themselves across in a way that few deathcore bands have in recent times.

Sure, pretty much every deathcore outfit you could come across can be portrayed as a dark, aggressive, eerie band; but Altered Perceptions bring new levels of depth to the word “Dark” itself, to the point where positivity, hope, and joy seem as if they’re emotions that have sunk to the bottom of the ocean’s deepest barrel.

Disparaging as it may sound, this all compliments the theme that the quartet are aiming to get across with new album ‘From Rise To Ruins’. Whether it’s the masks that the band where to seal their identity, the all black clothing they portray themselves in, or the hate filled, guttural screams of vocalist Liam Borrowdale that tear throughout the entire record; ‘From Rise To Ruins’ takes your headspace and pressures it into pure, unadulterated hatred.

Whether it’s the horror movie esque ‘Ruin’ featuring Chelsea Grin’s Alex Koehler or the overtly ominous ‘Equalize’ the record consistently remains a grim affair, with the deep, slow tone that guitarist Ryne Sahs spits throughout the album.

That’s not to say that there aren’t moments on the record that really show off the bands musicianship however, ‘Hellfire’ features a more tech-metal/djent vibe with splicing riffs throughout the track while ‘Immortal’ features flashes between pounding deathcore and more pacey, technical nuances.

In general though, ‘From Rise To Ruins’ does tend to lack real star power, which is a downfall that many records of the same ilk suffer from. Tracks such as ‘Luminescent’ and ‘Archives’ highlight this, possessing all the intent and vigour to carry the album forward, but never musically moving from third gear.

Altered Perceptions are a band that while still incredibly raw still come across as a quartet that certainly possess enough talent to continue carrying them forward for years to come. While future efforts will need to show more quality, ‘From Rise To Ruins’ seems like a good place for the band to start.

Score: 7/10 


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