Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Perturbator, GoSt and Horskh Live at the Scala, London - Live Review

It’s cold and dark, winter is coming. Towering above the London crowds we have Scala and here, in a rather spacious yet theatrical space, the electricity is rising. That sweet sense of atmosphere that kicks up energy and makes you feel as if something is alive. Quickly it warms you and prepares you – the vibe and the venue. Adorning the stage already are a few insane looking lights.

With an industrial buzz Horskh takes the stage or more right explode through the stage. Immediately they hit you with their energy, leaping and running around the stage. The loud atmospheric thuds of drums shatter your ears as a kicking buzz accompanies it and the screams, oh the vocals. This performance by Horskh is so grand and aggressive, energetically driven, they really make an impact to kick up something from nothing. A first act to really start things off.
Facebook: /Horskh

GoSt you get something a bit more Dark Elecro. We lose the drums and keyboards for a table with synthesizers and macs. This is where a lot of the Metalheads in the show start to look uneasy. Quickly in a mass of noise and drum machines, the music hits and consumes. If this was a nightclub this is one of the better impacting ones with such a control of the sound. The Metalhads eventually throw themselves in with everyone else. I big cry out to familiar songs and the unlikely cover of “I Need a Hero”. The single man behind his desk adorning a skull mask sure makes his statement.

Facebook: /gost1980s

Now this is part of the strange atmosphere that comes across tonight, it is like a nightclub only if it was a metal gig. The crowd certainly look like a Metal crowd would, but the lights and oh the lights! The various different abilities the lights have the numerous colours all stark and strong in contrast, it really builds the atmosphere and feels like some sort of pure blue fire sweeping low and along the floor of the crowds. This is no more apparent than with the final act, where the symbiosis is so strong that I’m convinced that there’s two members of the band light and sound!

Now dark, with bright neon lights. Now as about 80s horror sci-fi as you can get. Perturbator really makes a storm of it. This is something so powerful with each affect and sound smashing through you that it starts to all come together. Dark Nightclub and Heavy Metal? Okay I get it now. This is the darkness that Metal treads with such a retro design to classic atmosphere above all else. The single guy on stage seems swamped in the darkness as he is consumed by his hoody and leather jacket, nodding powerfully as he punches out the music. So minimal and detached and yet so commanding. Not once does he address the crowd, but somehow it’s as if he’s sharing in the experience with him. We’re dancing it out with 80s horror tonight – so brutal.
Facebook: /Perturbator

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