Thursday, 27 October 2016

Dorje: 'Centred And One' EP Review

Dorje, a band you may not have heard of yet but one you might want to check out very soon. The Brighton "hard-proggers" released their first EP in November 2015 and it did rather well... #1 on the iTunes rock chart, #8 overall and #3 on the Amazon charts in the UK! It was charted in 44 countries including the US billboard charts... *Jaw Drops*. So the biggest question here is; does 'Centred And One' boast such a quality?

The band have an incredibly meaty sound that rips through your headphones. Opening self-titled track features soaring vocals that sit on top of bass-laden rhythm and one heavy effin riff. The solo towards the end absolutely rips as well. 'Outspoken' is slightly more low-key but the commanding vocals of youtube star Rob Chapman dominate throughout. 'To Survive' is rock and roll through and through with a headbobbing verse that leads into soaring choruses and a face-melting solo.

In an EP so full of heavy guitar driven tracks 'Zero' comes as a welcomed listen that again demonstrates incredible vocal ability. The heavy guitars return in the chorus but the suspense from the verse makes for an even better release. Final song and single 'Flower Of Life' brings the EP to a close with a high-flying, all-singing, all-dancing end encompassing all of the incredible aspects the band offer throughout this.

When a band has flare like this and the ability to writer music in this way it would be impossible for them not to jump to new heights with every release. Dorje, the band you need to listen to right now.


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