Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Dawes: ''We're All Gonna Die" Album Review

Dawes are an LA based rock band mixing electro vibes with a chilled out guitar-based sound and vocals that sit beautifully on top. It's definitely a different listen for me but a much appreciated and ear opening one. Is that a thing?

Opening track 'One Of Us' is a feelgood ensemble that really grasps the bands sound. It is a fantastic opener that draws the listener in (especially for me as I haven't heard of Dawes before).

Third track in and its nice to hear a bit of a punch from the band. The song is aptly named 'Roll With The Punches' and offers a smooth beat combined with sporadic classic-rock style guitars and brings great harmonies in the chorus.

The vocal abilities of Griffin Goldsmith are incredible. Songs such as 'We're All Gonna Die', 'Less Than Five Miles Away' and 'Roll Tide' are carried by the vocals which brings the depth of the music along with subtle passion.

Highlights include 'When The Tequila Runs Out' and 'For No Good Reason' which both lend themselves to my tastes most. I feel the album really flourishes at this late point in the album especially towards the end.

This album is a rich and diverse offering that shows off a plethora of ambient songs and the inclusion of a melancholy tone that has an almost hopeful feel. Awesome music and incredibly portrayed!


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