Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Surrealist: 'Naked Awareness' – EP Review

I have recently become more and more aware of the amount of instrumental acts out there. Constantly reinventing the guitar and the way that Metal is seen every time I do. With every band the sheer atmosphere that is created by such intricate guitar work can be outstanding and sometimes it can feel as if it is just music for other musicians. The Surrealist, have a huge namesake to live by, is it Surreal? Their most recent EP, 'Naked Awareness', is set for release September 17th and showcases four ways they approach and recreate the guitar.

'Become Whales' starts things off atmospherically and feels like a good opening track but, as of yet, there aren't the bands greatest punches. This does set up well for the next track 'Canvas Sky', however, which really kicks in their sense of energy, chaos and unity. It is with a sense of this energy and colliding riffs that a greater whole is formed from the interwoven riffs. The two states as one being their personal soothing and very melodic take on guitar work - it is beautiful. 'Flowering of Consciousness', however, starts to show the downfall of this type of playing. With something so chaotic it can't always construct for the benefit of the audience. It misses out on some of the stronger melodies for the ever fighting riffs that seem to play and try to dominate each other. With the final track, 'Waves of Naked Awareness', their back on point, however, with the atmosphere and interchanging riffs working for a greater strength of atmosphere.

Instrumental music's greatest power is in that atmosphere that can be as heavy as a brick or as calm as water. It may not be truly Surreal but the colliding melodies create a very catchy and interesting atmosphere – it is beautiful. There may be a lot more to come from these guys and with the strengths of this EP, hopefully, it'll only get better with time.

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