Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Tardive Dyskinesia: 'Harmonic Confusion' - Album Review

An eagerly awaited album, Tardive Dyskinesia's fourth album gets straight to it. 'Insertion' throws things straight out there. It's energetic, it's metal, it builds. We quickly establish their strengths as this one quickly gets your blood pumping. Let's get started!

From here there's a slight dip as 'Concentric Waves' subverts this build up. Weirdly, this just antagonises your ears to get things kicked up a bit more. The melody that comes in with the cleaner vocals builds a bit of atmosphere but the hard hitting guitars and deeper vocals prevail. It joins together for quite a powerful piece but a slower piece. The energy is back full force with 'The Electric Sun' the melodic sections keep this energy dormant but still present. It calls you out and feels more complete here – as if to warm up. This momentum is kept with 'Self Destructive Haze' which feels a bit more brutal and a bit more atmospheric in one. It sections out really nicely with a good flow from one punch to the next. Almost from left field the power of the tapping on 'Thread of Life' is a welcome shine out in the album. 'Concentric Waves' feels like a slight trip before it can recover itself. Especially as 'Triangulation Through Impasse's groove and power is ready to pick up the pieces. 'Saviour Complex' is a lot more of a journey of a song and represents some ambition on the part of the band. 'Echoes 213' is a lot more traditional but with a memorable guitar line before it ends. 'Chronicity' is a nice touch but feels like an afterthought or bonus track rather than an album finish.

Penultimately, a strong album, energetic and ambition. Representing a mature and well rounded sound that explores itself and asks questions of itself and definitely knows what it wants to be. It has many moments to shine, but you'll find that out September 9th!

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