Monday, 19 September 2016

Review: Towers - Self Titled EP

Newcomers to the Alternative Genre Towers blast away with an incredible self-titled EP making a huge imprint on the scene.

The First track and lead single from the EP is called ‘Titan’ and is a commentary on the bands comeback to music from being in a rut. We’ve all been there dealing with what life throws at us, but not often do we as a result, produce such an epic first track to an EP.

Filled to the brim and pouring to the table with emotion this track is all about powerful vocals and chords married with intense drum patterns. The track also features blisteringly infectious solo guitar licks that dip in and out of the instrumentation complementing not only the main vocalist but also a guest vocalist whom performs beautifully. This track is very reminiscent of 30 Seconds to Mars’ epic operatic anthems like ‘The Kill’ and ‘Kings and Queens’.

Second track ‘Otherside’ sticks to Alternative but has a completely different vibe attached to it. Beginning with very ominous and ambient guitars which mould so perfectly together which trail on till distortion reigns with a massive hit on drums, bringing the track straight into the verses. This is more relatable to Pop-Punk than an Alternative outfit but it works incredibly well, paired with the Alternative roots it still possesses.

The vocals here are so gorgeous and definitely will have you hitting the repeat button. The Percussion and guitar work here is also second to none and at Five minutes as a run time you won’t be shirt of content.

The Final track and second single from the EP ‘Could Have’ is very much back to formula it seems. The guitar work here is excellent, particularly the solo work over the verses, it brings a new dimension to the EP in the form of tiny scaling riffs like on every Angels and Airwaves track. The Drummer here shows some impressive fills and patterns too and the vocals as always are pulsating emotion.

The song writing skill protruding from this band is insane, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on the bill next to likes of 30 Seconds to Mars or Biffy Clyro.  Hats off to the recording studio, the mixes here are amazing and really bring the bands energy out whilst still feeling spacious and not over-killed by stupid amounts of compression.

This self-titled effort by Towers is an excellent debut EP and a must to any avid Alternative fan, this band are going to be big for sure.

Score: 8/10 


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