Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Review: Stick To Your Guns 'Better Ash Than Dust'

It’s kind of difficult to dislike Stick To Your Guns, the Californians’ intensity mixed with their politically charged tirades make them one of those bands that truly stand up for what they believe in, and they want the world to know what’s wrong with it. Add to this the fact that the band have been consistent in their ability to create a musical style that fuses thrashing hard-core with empathy filled choruses and Stick To Your Guns have become a force of nature that is becoming impossible to ignore.

New EP ‘Better Ash Than Dust’ is their debut under new label Pure Noise Records and in general, things seem pretty much “as you were” for the hardcore outfit. Neither a step in a new direction or getting overly comfortable in their current position, the quintet have created an EP that pretty much does what it says on the tin, and will be a welcome five song addition to anyone who is currently a fan of the band.

Both title track ‘Better Ash Than Dust’ and ‘Universal Language’ is your standard STYG hard-core slogs, with the addition of tantalizing hooks, choruses that could part the seas and a breakdown on the latter that pretty much sums up the quintet as a band – aggressive, passionate and technically proficient.

‘No Tolerance’ is the short, no nonsense radical beast set perfectly for the intimate feel STYG bring to their live show. While ‘The NeverEnding Story’ and ‘The Suspend’ delve into a slightly more anthemic, riff focused sound but still keep to that well written, well layered form of song writing that the Californian’s seem to have all but perfected by this point.

Despite being around for quite some time now, Stick To Your Guns still seem like they have so much to give in terms of sheer music quality. They are a band that even at this point in their careers continue to show potential, fire and most importantly; ability. ‘Better Ash Than Dust’ isn’t the best effort the band have put out, but will do more than enough to keep the blood flowing until a full LP release.   

Score: 8/10 


Review by: Kristian Pugh

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