Thursday, 8 September 2016

Review: One Last Run 'Unbreakable'

‘Unbreakable’, the debut full length album from Warrington quintet One Last Run see’s the band accomplishing their most ambitious offering to date. Ready to take on the world, these midland rockers are taking no prisoners and provide some proper fist in the air tunes with some classic sounding ballady goodness to boot.

It’s been two years since the release of their first EP, loving called ‘EP’, which was itself a decent enough effort. Though the EP displayed qualities of a band who knew what they wanted do, it just didn’t quite hit the mark as it stayed quite comfortably in the middle of the road. ‘Unbreakable’ however, has nothing but tunes for days as the band put their sound into overdrive and blow away any previous doubtful thought we may have had.

Given the diversity the UK scene has to offer, from djent technicians to blues shredding bar flies, One Last Run are inherently going to split opinions down the middle. The Americana heavy rock ethos the band have adopted is no secret, they pretty much do exactly what it says on the tin. For this style in particular, if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be easy to lose your way and be labelled as mindless posers. With Becky Roberts’ unshakable bravado as a strong and charismatic front woman, OLR need not worry as she provides the perfect voice for the heavy riffs and licks provided by guitarists Rob Leach and Jack Pennington. Though it might be a little too easy to categorise OLR as a midlands answer to Halestorm, there’s much more to this band than meets the eye. You can pinpoint the influences of Nickelback and Shinedown without question, but their own voice can still be heard without dipping into cookie cutter territory.    

From the very beginning, the heaviness of the title track, ‘Unbreakable’, is like a bull out of a gate and immediately gets the adrenaline pumping. Though this sets the mood for the album, it’s the softer side of OLR that really shines through. ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Run And Hide’ are honest sounding ballads with no added cheese, which make for a more credible songs than just playing the soppy card to get the feelings going. This isn’t to say that this is an easy listening record, on contrary. When you have heavy hitters like ‘Casanova’ and the sly, heavy grooves of ‘Creatures Of The Night’ in your arsenal, it’s no wonder that OLR are making somewhat of an impression on the scene.

Everything about the record feel and sounds big, so it’s safe to say that the band want to fill large spaces and venues, which by the weight of these songs shouldn’t be too hard to attain. Though OLR are certainly on their way to achieving this and ‘Unbreakable’ is undoubtedly a solid record, it’s not quite Brixton Academy just yet, but all in good time. However, if OLR keep following this creative direction then soon enough this album may prove to be the bands most important work.

Score: 8/10

Twitter: @OneLastRunUK

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