Friday, 2 September 2016

Review: Decipher 'Blame Yourself'

Southampton’s Decipher haven’t had it easy in their formative years as a band. A mix of depression, separation and unemployment have plagued the band in the not so distant past. However, the five piece have followed in the footstep of many great bands and used these negatives as motivation, and the result? Debut EP ‘Blame Yourself’ a strictly emotive tidal wave of a record that does anything but calm the nerves.

‘Blame Yourself’ is a debut post hardcore EP done right, with all members of the band playing their part with efficiency and aplomb. Vocalist Calum Stone has a unique sense of youth and desperation in the lyricism that flows throughout ‘Blame Yourself’ turning run of the mill lyrics such as “I should have let you walk away, I should have known I would feel this way” into heartfelt cries of angst and disparity which allows the EP hit in a truly emotive manner.

It seems odd to say then, that it’s in fact musically where ‘Blame Yourself’ does its best work. Produced at the Ranch Production House by Daly George and Neil Kennedy (Creeper, Milk Teeth) the EP features countless memorable riffs, bass lines and drum fills. Both ‘Shadows’ and ‘What Strength I Have Left’ come with slick, punchy verses before descending into intricate, time jolting riffs that do their best to tug at your heartstrings as delicately as possible.

‘Complacent’, ‘Without You’ and title track ‘Blame Yourself’ contain higher, more upbeat, and at times more thrash-filled tempo’s which add more adrenaline to the EP with the two former having a sound of attitude and hate and the latter following the heartfelt theme that runs throughout this EP. This is all made possible by the drumming performance of Rhys Willis, whose every fill means something and is perfectly placed.

 ‘Blame Yourself’ is an EP that promises to do great things for Decipher. The quality of musicianship shown here is certain to do nothing but take the band forward. If nothing else this EP should be a staple. The moment the band truly found their sound.

Score: 8/10 

Twitter: @uk_Decipher 

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