Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Review: Confessions Of A Traitor 'Illuminate'

Big, beefy and so in your face a punch from Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather would seem like a cheeky love tap. Back with their sophomore instalment, ‘Illuminate’, Confessions Of A Traitor are at it again with their wrecking ball style of metallic hardcore. It’s a term that’s thrown around like a rag doll, making it much harder these days to distinguish the good, the bad and equally, the ugly. So when ‘Illuminate’ is chucked into the spotlight it faces some tough competition right off the bat.

To be frank, ‘Illuminate’ isn’t changing any formula or is it anything we haven’t been exposed to before. However, this certainly isn’t a crime and nor do our ear drums feel offended – quite the opposite. Previous EP Seasons (2014), was a solid effort and got the brain rattling, but it’s this offering that shows COAT are coming of age.

As far as the underground is concerned, the Essex quintet have nothing to fear. Having toured with Heart Of A Coward, Bury Tomorrow and Hacktivist to name a few, they are holding their own and as this record will only propel them further.

The song structures and the quality of the overall sound are by far the best that COAT have produced. A balance of hard hitting groove and fist clenching riffage are by far the outstanding features on the record. The epic chorus on second track The Fires We Burn Are Boundless scream Wovenwar meets Lamb Of God, which certainly hints that they have their sights set on taking on a mainstage slot for themselves and not just to support it.

Without question ‘Illuminate’ is a strong record and fans won’t be disappointed, but we can’t help but feel that there is still some way to go before they reach their full potential. Though they are becoming less dependent on string scrapping breakdowns, they will only get you so far these days, especially with so many other bands upping their game at an exponential rate. If you wish to get into this band, Illuminate is the way to go. We look forward to the storm they will hail down on the UK underground over the next few years. Watch this space.

Score: 7.5/10 

Twitter: @COATband 

Words: Hywel Davies

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