Friday, 2 September 2016

Review: Autumn Ruin 'We Make Our Own Damn Luck'

Autumn Ruin are a Pop-Rock quintet from Manchester with an ever-growing fan base; and it's for good reason.

The stigma of Pop-Rock bands in general does injustice to this band. Autumn Ruin are so much more than that, they bring with them powerful choruses and riffs that would sit well in a You Me At Six song. The opening track, ‘We Make Our Damn Luck’ gets the show on the road in ballistic fashion breaking the atmosphere around you with elegant but harsh clean vocals and excellent lyricism.

By the time the second track has begun ‘OneTwoThree’ you’re hooked nodding along in complacency. The instrumentation here stands out above the vocal, showcasing pure talent in eccentric guitar and drum work, which binds the vocals to the mix.

‘Rewrite’ is the middle road of the journey, here the band show many Pop-Rock bands how it’s done. Catchy riffs with a hint of power and heart piercing vocals that tell your brain you’ve heard them before despite not and evoking the will to join in.

The penultimate track is ‘Forward’ and apart from being the go to track to hear the best vocals on the EP, it is very similar to its predecessor. This isn’t a bad thing by any means because both tracks display the bands passion and song writing ability which is second to none in the Pop-Rock genre.

The Final track feels like a Pop-Rock ballad with a lot of depth emotionally. The Crescendo here is excellent with one of the best vocal lines on the EP held together with a massive drum pattern creating the illusion that the track is heavier than it is beautifully with excellent guitar soloing underneath.

This is a great addition to the Pop-Rock genre, so fresh and I hope the band go far because the genre needs this band.

Score: 8/10

Twitter: @AutumnRuin

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