Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Rave The Reqviem: 'The Gospel of Nil' - Album Review

‘Prelvdivm’ takes the lead with an epic build up. This largely instrumental piece serves as a march to war for the album. Like soldiers ending a long adventure to a cataclysmic battle they stand in line, ‘Prelvdivm’ begins. With the hairs on the back of your neck your ears will prick up for this, the latest from Swedish Industrial Metallers, ‘The Gospel of Nil’. The best way to listen is to dance straight in.

‘Azalea’ is the first strike of the album; groovy, melodic and epic it pulls at the wires of a rave to smash us with an electronic energy. The vocals from Carola Lёnnkvist give such a good melody in this song. ‘Synchronized Stigma’ gives Philip Lёnnkvist a chance to smash his way in with his vocals before coming back to Carola Lёnnkvist. From song to song we see a shear amount of variety whilst keeping a groovy industrial energy. ‘I Hold the Sceptre’ keeps this with a fade down into atmosphere before bringing it back to a final flare of melody. Subsiding into something a bit more of an industrial build up ‘Eschaton’ takes a distorted take on their music but ends with something very melodic. ‘Mono Heart’ feels faster, ‘Illvsion Shaper’ more metal, ‘Solely For The Sake Of Vengeance’ more epic and strong; there is a propulsion at work here. At times the album has hints of dubstep and this can definitely be felt in ‘The Primary  Fvel’ though ultimately it’s metal in structure. ‘Black Dog Baptized’ is the albums slow song and for a band as energetic as this it is the first break the album takes. For as varied as each song is they are at danger of blending with one another throughout the album making it hard for a song to stick out. The album concludes with ‘Postlvdium’, which is the exact atmospheric touch to the albums finish that it needs.

A strong album, an energetic album, a good example of industrial metal. I sometimes hear industrial metal thrown around as a term, this is perhaps a lot more of what industrial metal should be. Hard at times, melodic at others and with a strong sense of electric energy. Despite its strengths, the album does need a few more that will hit out at you, though it won’t get boring as a whole.

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