Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Narthraal: 'Chainsaw Killing Spree' - EP Review

Heralding from Iceland, Narthraal, bring us their take on good old school Death Metal. Their brutality seems to be building with their third upcoming EP leading up to an album release set for 2017. This EP, ‘Chainsaw Killing Spree’, is rather appropriately titled, instantly bringing up the idea of the band as a bringing back that early Death Metal sound. ‘Chainsaw Killing Spree’ will be with us October 7th and showcases the bands next two achievements.

With two songs on this EP, this is a short EP. We start off with ‘Million Graves to Fill’ which actually starts with a chainsaw. The slow build up that then ensues keeps a dark and drone-like atmosphere. It rather appropriately sets up their sound as there is an emphasis on raw brutality with this band, in some ways like how Bloodbath recalled some of the early sounds. This song certainly packs a good punch and is able to keep a variety that keeps the song interesting whilst occasionally falling into the atmosphere that it began with. ‘Descent into Darkness’ feels a lot more groovier from the outset. It is the catchier song and keeps a certain melody to it that both compliments and makes the song a bit awkward. The sound is almost at odds with itself and doesn’t quite continue from what was established with ‘Million Graves to Fill’, at times feeling a lot more like early Amon Amarth.

Perhaps the two songs will appeal to two different sets of fans. All the while the EP is a little on the short side, offering up two brutal bashings before fading back into the darkness. It’s worth a listen and the band, for those fanatical about Death Metal, are worth looking out for.

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