Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Live Review: Mothxr w/ Natives & Fairchild at Bristol Exchange - 07/09/16

Back to another show in the Bristol Exchange and yet another band to tick off the ever-growing band bucket-list. Tribal pop band Natives bring me to Bristol and are joined by Fairchild and supporting Mothxr. Time to get my fill of indie, electro, synthpop and tribal!

Fairchild were unheard to me before this show. I love catching the bands I have no idea about at shows because at least 5 times out of 10 they really cater to my tastes. Fairchild did exactly this. A rocky and solemn start to their set didn't have me intrigued at all. Saying this, the band really came into their own half way through the set.

An explosive energy release as frontman Adam Lyons found his form. His rather provocative hip-shaking seemingly woos over the shocked and silent girls with their noses pressed on the stage. This becomes particularly evident when Lyons decides to hop off the stage and take said hip-shaking onto the floor. A brilliant spectacle.

Musically the band nail their sound. Yet another band that have joined the revival of 80's synthpop and merged it with an indie rock vibe to bring a fresh take on an old style. 'Neighbourhoods' is an absolute banger!

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Natives came on to my radar after the release of their album 'Indoor War'. An album bristling with soaring vocals and atmospheric passion had me instantly hooked. And then nothing, two years passed with no peep from a band that I considered unique and talented. 2016 thankfully marks the return and what a leap the band have taken. Embracing a newer sound coined as tribal pop the band have taken the well needed time off to travel to Morocco to experience music on a whole new scale.

Warming up for a brand new album packed with energy and emotion the band find themselves on the bill tonight. A big question for me before they started was, how might they execute this fuller sound with only four members? Each member takes on 3 instruments during the set all of whom look exhausted at the end of the set but hey isn't that what it's all about.

If you are a fan of any of the bands older material let me be the one to break it to you that you will never hear it live again, sorry. Natives are stoked about their upcoming album and change in sound and so they should be so my advice is embrace it and love it.

'Chasing Lions' and 'Stop The Rain' have already proved as incredibly catchy singles. The band pull out brand new music in 'Passion', 'Warpaint' and 'Pray' all of which really hit the spot and keep in line with the previously released music.

If you aren't stoked about the upcoming album you should be.

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Headlining this run are American indie band Mothxr. They have just released their debut album 'Centerfold' which has been met with much success. Their mix of electro synths and 80's style hooks merge with melodic vocals to make for a beautifully blended sound.

All the band had to do was bring across the sound they have from their album to the stage and that they did very well. A very impressive set overall with a chilled vibe that kept everyone in the room fully invested.

Mothxr have definitely sparked my interest and since the show and listening to their debut release more I would strongly recommend these guys to electro/indie lovers out there.

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Photo Credit: JXH Photography

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