Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Wretch: 'Wretch' - Album Review

A harsh buzz through the gap of silence. A thick bass-y sound that rings out. It's Doom Metal. Wretch a very much of this sound and ilk, the guitar feedback being just as much a part of their sound as the heavy bass and echo. This three-piece come from that dark drone of sound. Their new self titled and debut release 'Wretch' is due for release August 26th and we had a chance to take a little look.

Very much from the start the guitar feedback rings out, but the unexpected groove of the bass, and probably guitars too, hits out from this. 'Running Out of Days' may serve as a start to the album but it doesn't show them in full glory. 'Rest in Piece' picks up from here as a good introduction to their sound whilst 'Bloodfinger' definitely shows their experimental sides in indulging their guitars. Prevalent throughout the endless drones and space-like riffs there is a definite groove which can certainly make a few of their tracks for you. 'Winter' offers a bit more atmosphere and we can unfortunately or not start to see a strong influence of Black Sabbath shining through – perhaps just a bit too obvious by this point. 'Icebound' is the most ambitious of the album trying you with it's length but certainly not missing some ability. 'Grey Cast Mourning' in contrast offers something a bit more bleak and beautiful, giving a bit more variety to the album. 'Drown' is a good way to end the album and gives a strength to their music much akin to 'Rest in Pieces' whilst leaving the best of the guitar experimentation to 'Bloodfinger'.

All through this album there is that definite atmosphere of the drone and that groove beat that can come through quite strong. What isn't immediately evident but worth listening out for is the experimental and loving nature of their guitars. The songs do indulge themselves for better or worse and can give you quite an atmosphere. There is perhaps a bit more strength than what is immediately evident. Though a strong sense with which they don't care and just want to do what they like with it.

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