Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Vektrill: 'Cyborg' - EP Review

UK Rockers Vektrill seem to be gathering themselves a lot of attention. Their recent debut EP 'Cyborg' reflecting their growing efforts and wether by design or by accident there's a harsh buzz to it. Though this may make it interesting to me, the band have a lot more to offer the average listener in melodies. "Rock, Prog Rock, Electric" it simply states on their Facebook page but let's take a closer look at their new EP.

The opening track, and title track, opens like a it should be Black Metal. This soon breaks into a melody but it does keep some of this atmosphere, there are continued spots of this throughout but sufficed to say the atmosphere seems to be the direction they'd be taking. Electronic elements are subtle and there to support the guitars and vocals and obvious Bass. 'The Killing Science' very much continues in this vein with a slow chant to kick up a bit more fun to the track. 'Truth Seeker' feels a bit more subtle and effective, very much focusing on an atmosphere that creeps into you. 'Alone' feels bleak and it's quite beautiful in this sense but may not be something for everyone. 'Hurricane' and 'Hydra' I feel are some of the better songs on the EP as they kick up a more fun element and have stronger melodies.

In the end Vektrill's EP, 'Cyborg', feels like a beginning. It's underproduced and this doesn't feel quite by design, it feels slightly amateur ish and though this can be a plus to some, it may be a deterrent to others. They do have a subtle and melodic sound and it certainly has a unique touch to it. Easily missable but a lot more there than meets the eye.

If you're curious and in the Brighton area August 27th, they have a special night over at Patterns.

Facebook: /vektrill

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