Thursday, 11 August 2016

Review: Heartaches 'Svart'

Heartaches are a Swedish Hardcore Metal band soon to be taking the genre by storm. This new EP Svart is only evidence of that.

The intro track is a crescendo of power and violence breaking through to the second track titled ‘Backyard Tree’. This track sets the scene for how the EP will play out. Horrific themes of suicide and loss are touched upon in amazing vocals reminiscent of Oli Sykes.  ‘I’ve been running around this prison inside of my head’, it’s clear the members of this band have been able to turn trauma into something beautiful presented here in this hard hitting sweet factory of Metal goodness.

The next two tracks ‘Ruthless’ and ‘I will never exist’ retract nothing of power and brutality. The guitar work is impressive making use of interesting effects for one and breaking your ear drums with galloping speed, before throwing you to the pit with destructive breakdowns. ‘Ruthless’ has the best guitar work in a half-time breakdown of any Hardcore Metal band.

The Drum work on this EP is also cataclysmic making use of lots of brilliant cymbal work in between being a ship for the jackhammer that is the Bass, Guitars and Vocals. Everything seems so well thought out in the writing of this EP and it’s not short of pure emotion either. Heartaches have really outdone themselves here for sure. The musical talent showcased here will surely land them a tour with a band like Parkway Drive.

The penultimate track ‘The Process’ is a combination of speed and beautifully structured choruses. The guitar work here is wonderful to listen too, merging so well with the rhythm guitars and creating another dimension away from being outright punchy.

Finally the EP ends on a blast with ‘Deathlist’ a track made to blow you into Hardcore Metal and into loving this band. The music video for this track is an amazing addition to performance videos out there and it captures the energy of the band so well.

Score: 8/10- A Brilliant EP which is a must for any Metal fan looking for the next powerhouse in the Hardcore Metal genre.

Twitter: @Heartachesband

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