Thursday, 18 August 2016

Review: Erik Chandler Band 'The Truth'

For those who aren't aware; Erik Chandler is none other than the bassist from legendary pop punk band Bowling For Soup - you know, those guys that have been on pretty much every "best of pop punk" compilation since there formation in the mid 90's and quite rightfully so.

'The Truth' tells the tale of Chandler's own personal side project, one that he proclaims describes his life in the most honest, and sometimes puzzling way.

‘After12’ begins with a memorable guitar riff that sounds a little bit heavier than some of the later tracks on the album. The melody is enticing from the get-go and the vocals have the ability to transport you back to the early noughties. This song is a personal favourite because there is an honesty and openness about the track that is conveyed through the lyrics.

‘Hold it together’ features a husky vocal tone and a country vibe. It’s a break-up song with a twist as the lyrics remain positive and encouraging.

‘Tonight’s The Night’ offers that classic upbeat, Pop Punk vibe and clear musical chemistry between the instruments and vocals. The harmonies that are featured throughout the song add a softness to the heavier sound.

The drums have been brought right back for ‘Anna’, which has allowed the vocals to take centre stage, creating an intense intimate vibe. The vocals sound heavily influenced by country origins and the slow pace of the song has a similarity to a lullaby.

One criticism of the album is that most of the tracks sound very similar in nature and the vocals are often drowned out by the guitar, which is a shame because Erik’s vocal tone is interesting and pleasing to the ear. Unfortunately, the link between the lyrics and the instruments isn’t always a clear one, as most of the tracks have a happy-go-lucky feel accompanied by serious messages that are not always communicated effectively.

The album title ‘The Truth’ gives the impression that the message of the record is going to be hard-hitting, however the album title and the music do not correspond. This may be intentional as sometimes a hard-sell is not always that effective, but from a personal opinion it’s quite misleading.

There are gems hidden throughout the record, however as a collective the album doesn’t quite hit the mark because of how similar each song is to one another.

Review by Gem Edwards

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