Monday, 8 August 2016

Rainfalls: 'III' EP Review

Scottish hardcore band find us with their third EP "Rainfalls" which is to be released shortly. The band have supported hot up-and-coming band Creeper and you can the influence of the post-hardcore sound in the bands music.

"III" is a raw EP, matching scratchy vocals and intense choruses with staccatto drum fills and ambient, emotive guitars. 

"Brighter" immediately introduces the listener to the bands pace and heaviness, cruising through a hardcore style, punky number before an intense, vocal led finish. "Plague Bearer" mirrors the tonality of "Brighter" but with a more melodic touch, finding a more vivid sound beyond the clash of chords and cymbals.

"Scream" is the highlight of the EP; a melancholy guitar line offering a somber narrative to the song and an edge outside of the genre Rainfalls find themselves in. "This Is A Revolution" follows with the bands entrance into political prose with a monologued start before a Gallows style riffed sequence takes the EP out in the style it began.

The intensity and anger is is clear to see in "III" for Rainfalls, but the EP unfortunately lacks the versatility or consistent production that will take this collection of songs further. An entrance into a more varied songwriting style would take Rainfalls to the next level beyond their current stature, which appears somewhat limited.

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