Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Fraktions: 'Anguish' - EP Review

From London, Fraktions have been fighting their fight since 2012 and combine many elements of Metal and other genres such as Jazz. They're certainly not the first to do this, Shining (Norway) beat them to it. However, with more a recent touch of djent and a bit more atmosphere the Progressive Metal of Fraktions certainly aspires for a new direction. Their new EP, 'Anguish', is set to be released August 12th 2016 and we were lucky enough to have an early look.

With an atmospheric start to set the tone with 'Illusions of Control' there is certainly that experimental touch to it and also slightly oriental. Compared to the rest of the EP this almost feels like a false start as it doesn't really compare or represent. 'Altercation' follow from this song so well that they may as well be one song but we're starting with fairly standard approaches to Metal with only a touch of synths. It's as if they were trying to set the tone before going properly down the rabbit hole. 'Freedom Of The Conscious Mind' is where it all starts to turn. There's a lot more creative flair and energy to this song with instruments working with each other to deliver something a lot more pronounced. 'The Event' again is down this experimental nature, being a bit offset from itself to create a creepy atmosphere. From the tone already set this fits rather well and feeds into a more aggressive track with 'Panic' which also plays with the atmosphere in further. 'Sanctuary', another instrumental piece, works with a slight gothic beauty. 'The Difference Between Drowning And Sinking' shows the band back to some strengths with both atmosphere and aggression.

The EP is very experimental and can be very hit and miss. You do feel a sense that they're trying new things. This ability to be playful with their music is a strength and a curse at the same time. With tracks like 'Freedom Of The Conscious Mind' and 'The Difference Between Drowning And Sinking' we see their music truly come to some powerful strengths. Certainly ambitious, 'Anguish' will likely leave an impact and perhaps hit some fanatically, whilst leave others questioning. This feels like a band that will get better as they have chance to play with their sound, refining their creative edge to something quite daring.

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