Monday, 29 August 2016

Fort Fest: The Rural Festival Bringing Some Serious Noise

Festivals, in general, are pretty damn cool and competition to make them better every year is becoming an increasing demand. We have been to some great festivals this year that have either hooked onto niche fanbases/interest or have taken the idea of a festival and added some kind of gimmick to make it stand out from the rest.

So when looking at the upcoming Fort Fest, how have they adapted and added their own twist? Before you ask that question, no they don't have a castle but they have do have a very impressive line up that will take the stage in a rural environment in a beautiful country setting.

So who's on the line up? There is a great mix of bands from bigger names like Young Guns and Lonely The Brave to some great up and comers like Press To Meco, The Dirty Youth and Black Peaks. It is also a great festival for some brilliant bands that have that first foot in the door such as Autumn Ruin, FOES and Adelphia.

This is definitely one to look forward to with loads of bands at various points in their careers included.

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Twitter: @Fort_Fest

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