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Festival Review: TECH-FEST! Part 2

Fit for an Autopsy. Photo Credit: Ryan Winstanley

So TechFest sees it's day two (or three with the early birds) and things are well on their way. It's starting to feel a bit more like a festival and the momentum has hit us and we start to feel that cycle of waking back up to the Metal. So the Technical orientated Metal that saw some fun and instrumental starts continues into another day of solid music.

The Parallax Method

So we're starting with another instrumental act and continuing what is starting to feel like a slight theme to this years TechFest. However, where a lot of the instrumental metal so far has kept to a lot of very impressive technical guitar playing, these guys focus a bit more on the fun of the music itself. It's still felt and it's still technical but it doesn't feel so reliant on that and can be simple and fun at the same time. What's a hard slot for a festival takes a good but not amazing start. It is still a hard slot to fill!

Facebook: /theparallaxmethod

From Sorrow To Serenity

Now these guys were quite the worthwhile wait. Smashing it on stage and bringing up the energy levels to get things moving. They were kicking up the kind of energy you would expect from later day bands and the audience could feel it too. How was it so early in the day with these guys performing like that? The strong metal managed it's way to everyone. Great performance by these guys putting so much into each moment.



Pushing the stage presence as far as it can go, these guys have a visceral approach with their music and performance. Despite the powerful metal that seemed intent on scathing through you, guitars and vocals especially, they kept in some very nice moments with slight melodies. There was something about these guys that felt very raw. Overall the band is a power to be reckoned with.

Facebook: /BelialOfficialUK

The Schoenberg Automaton

These guys give a rather atmospheric start and it proves slow if you were to just walk in on it. This build up is not unfounded and it leads so well into a brutality that just hasn't been reached so far. We're stepping up our game this time. These guys know their shit and are powerful in their approach to strong extreme Metal. Welcome brutality for this point of the festival and making them one of the strongest hitters so far.

Facebook: /TheSchoenbergAutomaton

Abhorrent Decimation

So the levels of brutality certainly doesn't fall at this point, something which I'd have expected coming from the last band. However, despite the very together and on point approach to their music, there was something lacking in getting it across to the audience. Something in the energy or engagement but it just felt a lot more watching them rehearse over perform. That being said everything was just so precise that they could probably play it in their sleep.

Facebook: /AbhorrentDecimation

Destiny Potato

Not going to lie: this was another band that the name is distracting and attracting. I was just not quite sure what to expect. After the intensity of brutality that we had with some of the previous bands these guys were a step down in that area in favour of some better and catchier melodies. At this point of the festival I think it was very welcome. The intensity would tire on some and perhaps push people to the edge of moshing. The audience seemed to really get on board with this and what was ably performed was quickly taken up by the crowd.

Facebook: /destinypotato

Fit for an Autopsy. Photo Credit: Ryan Winstanley

Fit for an Autopsy

Now these guys were so comfortable on stage it was as if they lived it. Their approach to the music was energetic and powerful and well organised. There was a sense that they'd really grown into the music they play. Making this for quite an effective performance by the band. Their music is strong metal but this approach to performing just makes it hit you just that much harder. Such a good thing to witness and a lot of fun to get your inner metalhead out to.

Facebook: /FitForAnAutopsyOfficial

Sithu Aye

Bringing it into a completely different direction atmospherically speaking, Sithu Aye are another instrumental act. There is a lot more sense of the cosmic and fun gamer vibes as well. The metal grooves fitting over the top for something that gives a good mood and feels more fun and less serious or less intense. It's chilled and fun and works it's way round most people in the audience.

Facebook: /SithuAyeMusic


What can be atmospheric or brutal on CD doesn't always make it through to the performance. In fact some performances can come across quite different. Fallujah have that atmospheric side to their music but it's strange how in performance their music tears its way through you and opens up the audience and the pit. The energetic power hits more than the atmosphere that is more of a supplement and lends itself to that brutality. It was so well delivered by the band it's actually quite surprising how it all works and particularly with the level of variety that they bring to their tracks.

Facebook: /fallujahofficial

Protest the Hero

So, so far it feels like a step up in brutality and giving some more of the extreme metal side of things and a little less of the instrumental powers. Funnily enough not leaving out the atmosphere. So when Protest the Hero take us to a close on Saturday things had been violently built up in the air, it was such a strong day that it was almost tough to follow – almost. You see, what we have also seen is quite a bit of variance. There was quite a bit of variety between the bands. Here we see something that hadn't really been touched upon so far. They actually give an energetic and strong performance and the metal is powerful. That being said, the biggest thing that hit me was the comic presence they have on stage. They can be strong they can be melodic but they can have a lot of fun doing it and that's exactly what they want to bring and what they want to do. With such powerful and intense bands leading up to this I don't think they could have gone down any better. This kind of fun needs to be had and it needs to be just that good!

Facebook: /protestthehero

Again, thanks to all the bands that played and everyone who made it happen, we also apologise to all bands that we missed. Finally, keep an eye out for the conclusion to the Festival with Sunday's bands such as Between the Buried and Me! Also the last minute changes.
Protest the Hero. Photo Credit: Ryan Winstanley

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