Thursday, 4 August 2016

Far From History: 'Gallows Hill' EP Review

Hailing from Essex, melodic hardcore quintet Far From History are set to release their EP "Gallows Hill", hoping to build on a promising start to their career after an appearance at Bloodstock Open Air Festival and a support slot with Hacktivist.

Not only have this fresh-faced fivesome managed that with "Gallows Hill", the group may have released the most impressive unsigned EP this writer has ever heard. 

Blending together modern deathcore breakdowns and sequences with the now familiar melodic wash of a second vocalist, Far From History combine some of the best elements of modern heavy music in a six-song hammer stroke of brutality and brevity.

Opener "Blueneck" immediately sets the tone with an up-tempo, early Bury Tomorrow style hardcore riff before reminding the listener that the tuning of these guitars sits well below E Major. The vocals are reminscent of early Atreyu during the verses with a touch of For Today before a Five Finger Death Punch style chorus follows, displaying a versatility not often found with bands of this inexperience.

A more technical, dystopian style follows on "Rupture Farms", a open chord section complimented by a Thy Art style synth line. The band then transition into a metalcore/thrashy segment highlighted by some impressive dischords and fast fingered riffs.
Matching the versatility of the musicians is the ranges of vocalists Tony Maue and Aidan Cooper, who manage to be impressive in numerous - and typically restrictive - sub-genres of metal, from hardcore, metalcore, death and melodic metal.

This is most prevalent in EP highlight "Going Under", where the band manage to beautifully juxtapose ear-catching vocal sequences with bludgeoningly heavy breakdowns - the mid-section of this track is worth listening to after you remove anything valuable from the room you listen to it in, you risk kicking your cat out the window when it drops.

After the chorus-filled "Going Under", FFH seemed to be intent to remind us that their primary wish is to rip our faces off through the medium of a speaker; the guitar tone and work very reminiscent of Slipknot's All Hope Is Gone era (and before you roll your eyes bear in mind this is an unsigned band I'm talking about).

The fun continues with the final duo of tracks; both "Swallowing Broken Glass" and "A Negative" continue the ode to brutality with a sustained and unobtrusive nod toward real crafted songs - the band neither overstay it's welcome or feel particularly cliche' despite being reminiscent of a number of impressive metal bands.

"Gallows Hill" is a tremendously mixed, performed and weighted EP, combining the brutality, nuance and infectious nature of metal in it's entirety. Considering this is a band that is yet to have a label, the future looks bright for this Essex quintet and consequently, the British metal scene. 

Facebook: /Farfromhistoryuk
Twitter: @FarFromHistory

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