Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fallen To Flux: 'Transitions' Album Review

It is not often that an unsigned band will announce an album and it will be as highly anticipated as the upcoming Fallen To Flux record 'Transitions'. Personally I have been waiting for this release for a whole year and it is incredible to watch the band grow in this amazingly detailed record. Here is our thoughts on the album... 

Just from the Intro track that leads into 'Transitions I' you can tell Fallen To Flux have taken some serious time over this record. As the song kicks in we are greeted with what can now be called the bands token sound. Impressively high vocals contrast with breakdowns and heavy metal riffs and as we at Noizze have discussed before, it shouldn't work. That said it really does work and balances both perfectly. 'Sane' is powerful and high tempo song with some brilliantly groovy bass and headbanging riffs.

Highlights include 'Colder' with its heartfelt chorus and 'Razor's Edge' with it's more delicate feel. In an album full of amazing guitar work and in your face riffs it's a nice bit of relief to hear some tracks that are a little more mellow.

First single 'Anchored' really brings a refreshing feel to the bands sound. With two impressive EP's under their belt I was left with the feeling that maybe we had seen the best of what FTF had to offer but this single proved me wrong. 'Drifting' is a bit of a banger. It stands out as a little different from the other singles in that it feels like a really well thought out track. It is the catchy and emotive chorus that makes it stand out. If the band pull out more music like this in future releases then that could be a game changer. I FEEL YOU DRIIIIIIFTING AWWWAY.

Fallen To Flux mean business, that much is clear, and the band have definitely merged genres to create a very unique sound. The album has some great moments in it's single tracks and is a mammoth 11 tracks long though at times I found myself questioning whether it was enough to grip the listener for long enough. Don't get me wrong there are some serious moments of brilliance but maybe not enough to sustain the albums length.

Were Fallen To Flux ready for an album? In many ways yes and fair play to them for doing it. Is there enough tracks that stand out to listeners who may not already be fans? No. Does that particularly matter? Not really. Could this be career shaping for Fallen To Flux? Hell yes...

FFO: Bullet For My Valentine, Mallory Knox, 30 Seconds To Mars

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