Monday, 1 August 2016

EP Review: Faux 'Inhale'

Faux are an exceptional Pop-Rock band with endearing nods in their sound to British Punk Rock
bands like The Clash.

The EP Starts with its title track ‘Inhale’ and from the get go their sound pulls you in to the speaker
cabinet. Faux uses a pellucid guitar tone with slight gain or distortion which is easily accessible but so effective in this genre for power in choruses and verses, yet keeping clarity.

The Vocals are beautifully stunning, and blend perfectly with the solo guitarists delayed tones and
effects. Lyricism isn’t far behind on the scale either, with catchy Pop styled choruses and chilling

By the time the second and third track on the EP pass your ear drum, you are transported for a
euphoric musical experience. The Drums on the whole EP radiate with happy upbeat patterns and
tones, which sometimes counteract the overall tone of the song but work so well in bringing a full
feeling mix.

The penultimate track on the EP ‘You Know’ is a brilliant track that feels like an indie rock track with
heavier production. It works really well and features great lyricism to sing along to paired with
instrumentation to dance along to.

Finally the Last track ‘Swimmingly’ is a Pop-Rock ballad on the same wavelength of ‘505’ by the
Arctic Monkeys. It has beautiful solo guitar work and light verses swelling with emotion before
exploding into heavier choruses. The EP ends on a small vocal acappella catchy and a perfect way to
end an EP that starts and ends in the thick of it.

The Mixes are beautiful and the tracks are full of emotional and chilling vocals, this is Pop-Rock done right.

Score: 8/10

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