Thursday, 11 August 2016

EP Review: Calling Apollo 'The Great Depression Act 1'

If this isn’t a breaking band then my names Lassie and I am nor a dog or female.

The Great Depression begins with eerie, dissonant sounds and effects setting the tone for the EP inventively. There are several aspects of Calling Apollo that make them a great band, one of them being how despite being young in their career the band give of an aura that would suggest they could feel very much at home sharing a stage with a band like 30 Seconds to Mars, without anyone in the crowd feeling like they shouldn’t be there.


The band could be defined as alternative, sure, but in reality the quintet are so beyond the bland labelling of the genre much like Leto, the vocalist of Calling Apollo is infectious, powerful and oozing with potential. The instrumentation doesn’t lag behind either, beautiful tones and guitar lead lines propel you forward to each anthemic chorus being held together by precise and intricate drum work.

The stand out tracks on this EP are easily the first three tracks ‘Light The Way’, ‘Clone City’ and
‘Obelisk’ each come with a bang and draw you in to the band’s sound. Each song bring with it a fresh feel with Placebo esque vocals and Bowie styled experimentation combined with power filled choruses and electrifying instrumentation throughout.

The production on the EP is exceptional and the band’s sound has been perfectly captured. Their Music video for ‘Clone City’ is also very well done and I’m sure everyone will know about Calling Apollo soon.

Score: 7/10 

Twitter: @CallingApollo 


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