Saturday, 13 August 2016

Devil Gone Public: 'Smokehound' Album Review

Few unsigned bands have a line in a CV quite like "jammed with member of AC/DC", but Devil Gone Public can rightly lay the claim of played music in the same room as Brian Johnson.

You can hear influence of the rock god in DGP's music, a collection of bludgeoningly heavy riffs that remind the listener of Black Sabbath and Mastodon. "Euthanation" is an enjoyably groovy ride through 1978 while "Satan Hold My Hand" is a more up-tempo, percussive effort that doesn't let up, cascading into a breakdown that is reminsicent of Machine Head's mid-90's nu-metal stage before a guitar solo completes the effort.

Title track "Smokehound" is an appropriate label for the band in the sense that it typifies where and what DGP are; bass-heavy, groovy and endearingly raw. "Blood Debt" kicks off with a riff that takes you to early Megadeth ("Rattlehead" springs to mind) before shifting tempo into a more modern, deathcore vocal style taken over a classic rock rhythm. It's a juxtaposition that is interesting and engaging, and certainly gives DGP a unique edge - an important box to tick on a debut album.

In summation, GDP's debut is a raw effort with some head-noddingly good riffs and at times surprisingly guttural vocals though a lack of real versatility throughout the EP leaves a little to be desired; a lifting chorus amidst the shattering guitars and cymbal heavy druming could really take the band to the next level. Additionally, there is clear musicianship that could further utilised - the addition of a more structured songwriting pattern could connect GDP to the sort of fans that freqent the acts they have been supporting, from Skid Row to Brian Johnson.

Total score: 6/10.

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