Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Carcer City: 'Infinite/Unknown' - Album Review

Carcer City have come a long way since their debut album in 2009 and have become a regular name amongst Metalcore fans. Their take on the genre is an interesting one and they’re now one of the exciting new British bands – if you can call bands from the last 10 years or so new but I digress! Their upcoming album ‘Infinite/Unknown’ is set for release September 16th and we had a look ARGH
So the album begins with a good set up with ‘Infiltrator’, serving as a nice introduction for what’s to come. Bringing up some sheer brutal energy and establishing their vocal range but above all showcasing their energy and their aptitude for melodic moments. ‘Perceptions’ feels a bit more brutal whilst their next song, ‘Black Mirror’, offers a bit more energy and melody. The title track gives an interesting choice for a more subtle melody in order to compliment the faster song. It feels that the album is starting to bring itself back up from a slight dip. This works well as the album throws itself into ‘Wolf Without a Pack’ – there’s just something about it. ‘Sovereign’ keeps a lot more of their peak in something a bit more atmospheric and brutal for one of their hard-hitters. In ‘Drifter’ we see some harder sides to them quickly contrasted with the melodic atmosphere. It feels like they’re back to showcasing some of their strengths with this song. The clean vocals actually being a bit of a drawback though this recovers for the next track ‘Covington’. ‘The Night is Darkest Before the Dawn’ is one of those songs that feels like an epic journey, it’s parts changing over time to compliment the whole. The album finishes with a more melodic track which offers a nice close with ‘Nothing but the Rain’ but for some there are bonus tracks with ‘Truth Pt. 1 (Nothing is Real)’ and ‘Truth Pt. 2 (Everything is Permitted)’ these give more of an atmospheric bonus that feels like bonus tracks but it’s all a set up for ‘Truth Pt. 2 (Everything is Permitted)’ which has more power and strength but it’s in the atmosphere of this song that the track really hits it’s mark.

Carcer City by this point obviously know their strengths and their audience. The music is mature and well defined to offer some cracking moments. Their music is powerful but their strong sense of atmosphere makes the music more varied and definitive for their listeners.

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