Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Breathe In The Silence: 'Hold My Heart' - EP Review

Breathe in the Silence are a post-hardcore outfit from Wales and have climbed the ladder quickly since 2012. The band have kicked up a lot of hype since they started out and their debut self titled EP was received quite warmly. Their second EP, 'Hold My Heart', is set for release September 2nd. So with excitement in the air, 'Hold My Heart', is ready to build upon their foundation and smash it's way into people's ears soon. We were lucky to have a little look to see how the band have come since their early days.

'Hold My Heart' starts with it's title track, a slow melodic build into a quick melodic preview for the band. It's as if this snippet was designed for quick teasers of the EP. It sets out their sound quite well and it does lead and build in a way that compliments, and pushes you in to, more of the EP. Continuing with 'Promised Lands' we see their heavier sides taking a glimpse. The guitars and drums a bit more exciting and powerful whilst the vocals take their melodic stance over it, dominating most of the song. The catchy chorus giving way for a cheeky guitar lick before falling into the rest of the song. Very vocal heavy throughout, the song feels dependent on the power of the singing parts. We have a taste of the screamer but it's only a small supplement to the song. 'Barricade' continues in a similar vain but allows the guitars a bit more room to stroke out some harmonies too – soft but sweet. 'Devil's Peak' brings the EP back to some of the more powerful elements of their music, namely the harmonies paired with a good supplement of supporting riffs. 'I believe I'm in Hell Therefore I am' finishes the EP with more of the strength and the heavier parts of the EP as a whole - though it doesn't quite feel up to the power of earlier songs: 'Promised Lands' and 'Devil's Peak'.

A band, definitely powerful in harmony, but very dependent on their singer. There is power and excitement in what they do but it rings out like a soothing touch rather than a blunt force push into the pit. For many these songs could easily be sung over and over again in their heads and this is a strong effort on the bands part. Perhaps we'll see a lot more of them soon.

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