Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Zephyra: 'As the World Collapses' - Album Review

Zephyra's latest album is set for a release on August 5th and they show a real power with this album. Instantly there is a catchy element to the music as the melodies and grooves compliment each other for an effective mix whilst the songs are so varied! Almost too varied. It is clear from the outset that Zephyra is one of the rare bands that really mix things up. There is a playfulness to the energetic approach to the music. They're having fun and just doing everything - chaotically at times!

For example, 'Virago' offers cheeky vocal work but darts from evil screeches and brutal growls and some extra takes on clean vocals just for good measure. This fits the music so well as it goes from groovey metal to faster thrashier metal to industrial melodies that sometimes verge on pop. It's such a catchy and bold move on their part. This momentum of quickly smacking some variety past you never relents and it's almost strange how each song surprises you from the last.

If I were to think of other bands that have done similar, firstly it's hard to even name any but perhaps a bit of the variety of Carnival in Coal, the cheekiness of Semargl's 'Satanic Pop Metal' and perhaps even some of the energy early Arch Enemey or Sigh. This still feels far off. 'Only One' gets a bit darker but still slows down for something more melodic. Perhaps 'Resurrect the Shame' has a bit more traditional metal parts as does 'Tormenting T' and 'You Crossed the Line' but actually this is way off.

The album is strong throughout and one of it's biggest strengths is it's unique approach and relentless energy. The entire album should be heard at least once and it's hard to see some tracks shining over others as they are just so different. An album to be heard to be believed and wait was that Charlie Chaplin in there as well!??

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