Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Underdark: 'Mourning Cloak' - Demo Review

Heralding from Nottingham, Underdark is a new face within Black Metal circles, having only been around since 2015. In fact, the Demo, Mourning Cloak is their first release.

Going with the evil atmospheres of Black Metal we see that their music features a recent trend of Black Metal and follows on from a rather Shoegaze approach. Immediately, Underdark, appear for fans of Drudkh or Winterfylleth. This isn't to detract from their power. One of their greatest assets despite this approach is their versatility. So many bands fall into the trap of long drawn out sections that just fade into the back ground with no attempt to bring something new to the palette. With songs like 'Span of Black Nihility' there is an almost daring approach to offering something new. The power of 'Bank of Roses', the first track, feels a bit more traditional and sets up the band, the sound and the demo all in one. The atmospheric section gives a bit more flavour and bends the song into something a lot more story-like and therefore epic. 'Span of Black Nihility' is the second track and just in the rather calm and soft approach in the middle of the song it feels more daring. It's not exactly the scathing sound of the rest of the track but it works to bring a certain something to it. The Demo closes with 'With Bruised and Bloodied Feet' which has one of the most perfect exits for a band like this to close their Demo with.

Underdark are clawing a way to their name to be put alongside other contemporary Black Metal circles. This Demo is well worth a listen and offers a good look into the band as a whole.
Their Demo was released on the 20th of June and can be listened to here: Mourning Cloak Demo (Spotify/Bandcamp)


Twitter: @underdarkuk

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