Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Review: Vanna 'All Hell'

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever truly hated? I mean serious hatred. To the point where you would happily watch the world and all its inhabitants burn down into a smoldering ash, with only your gleeful grin of malice keeping you alive to inhale the sticky vapour of cremated flesh that surrounds you.

Well I'm going to make a bold assumption and presume the answer is more than likely a no. However fear not as if you want to experience such bubbling rage without the psychopathic traits that follow with that lifestyle, we have a gem for you.

The hardcore outfit ‘Vanna’ hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, have once again released audio hell upon the earth. Unleashing their sixth studio album ‘All Hell’ upon this dried out husk of a world. The sheer musical aggression is almost tangible in its complete disregard for happiness.

The tonality of this album is just powerfully harsh. In my eyes that's what sets this apart from your average hardcore album. The heaviness is derived from the sheer gall of the sound not how many lowly tuned skipping ropes they can attach to the latest djent stick. I find this overwhelmingly refreshing in the current music scene where the current trend seems to be a limbo game of “how low can your notes go bro?”. I mean I'm not completely dense I'm aware it's down-tuned but the fact it's not over done is wonderful.

While on the subject of guitars the riff work on this release is interesting to say the least. The main riffs sound almost too simple yet somehow this actually works in their favour. You have basic riffs and punk chord progressions but the almost joyous tightness of it slams you in the face with overwhelming ferocity.

The deal breaker of this onslaught lies solely in the vocals. This could make this an instant classic in your hardcore collection or possibly an un-listenable mess, dependent on your audible taste. The vocals are basically all fries and there is very rarely a low or a growl, which considering the genre you don't often see. In its credit i personally dug the style and it really helped push across the soul destroying hatred that the lads in ‘Vanna’ quite clearly want to push across within their lyrical content. I would say it's almost imperative you enjoy the vocals to listen to the album as it's the most stand out and noticeable part of the product.

The first track included on ‘All Hell’ titled ‘Paranoia Euphoria’ is one of the highlights of the experience. When that breakdown hits you, you really get a feel for what the next half hour of your life is going to be like. It's a perfect introduction to an album like this, albeit the high point as well. Until near the end of the roller coaster trip of anger when the song ‘Mutter’ crushes you down with a more of a classic punk sound, yet still containing the brutality as previous tunes.

So if you want to feel like breaking windows in your headphones and getting a 30 minute burst of anger, i couldn’t recommend checking this out. So get your metaphorical sledgehammers out and start smashing away on July 8th when this crazy album drops.

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