Friday, 22 July 2016


London’s ‘THECITYISOURS’ bring so many elements to the table that it’s difficult to pick out some that stand out more than others. Whether it’s blood twisting riffs, thought provoking lyrics or shuddering bass lines; THECITYISOURS tend to hit on all fronts. With debut EP ‘Wildfire’ however, the quintet have managed to get across two clear messages; they’re angry and incredibly hungry.

It’s the subtleties included that take ‘Wildfire’ to such a high level. Tender guitar tones and isolated vocal and drum fills manage to find their way into the perfect place on every track, changing the pace and feel to the EP at a moments notice without losing the intensity or passion.

Opening and EP title track ‘Wildfire’ puts THECITYISOURS on a pedestal full of potential and quality; a chunky, vicious breakdown added to the melodic chorus of guitarist/vocalist Mikey Page gives the song skyscraper size and sets the bar particularly high for the rest of the EP to follow.
In truth, it’s a bar that gets grazed, but never quite reached again. ‘Haunted’ brings with it a chugging rock song feel with its unrelenting bass while ‘Lungs’ takes a more riff lead approach and an impassioned chorus that could shake the earth to its very core.

Only on ‘Dry Your Eyes’ does the EP momentarily step away from being a phenomenal introduction to the world of metal-core from THECITYISOURS, with a track that seems to go from A to B without any real noticeable change until a ferocious, tooth grinding breakdown.

With a debut EP as good as ‘Wildfire’ THECITYISOURS have successfully put themselves on the radar of metal-core. It appears to be just the start for a band that seem destined to go on to bigger, better and more accomplished things. THECITYISOURS have well and truly arrived.

Score: 8/10

1. Wildfire 
2. Dry Your Eyes 
3. Haunted 
4. Lungs 
5. Life In You

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