Thursday, 14 July 2016

Review: Terraform 'Adrift'

Having achieved accolades such as spots on Tech Metal and Hevy festival as well as supporting bands such as Soilwork and Heart Of A Coward, Birmingham based metal quintet Terraform have become far from strangers with success in their formative years.

New EP ‘Adrift’ sees the midlanders purposely step back from their previously consistently hard-core approach and slide into a substantially mellower, enigmatic zenith of metal, and in some parts; this is for the better.

Musicianship is the undoubted star of this offering from the quintet, guitarists Joe Powell, Guy Alexander and bassist Mitch Gibbons turn in a masterful performance with a mix of sharp, grinding riffs and beautiful florescent tones that give every track on ‘Adrift’ a spark of interest and quality. Drummer Zach Edwards also plays his part to perfection with an impactful, and chaotic routine throughout.

Tracks such as EP opener ‘Breach’ and ‘The Seraphim’ manage to float effortlessly between calm subtleties and all out warfare – it’s in fact within this calmness that Terraform find themselves at their most poignant and powerful and the quick change ups between fast and slow beats make for a controlling and thought provoking listen.

It’s within the melodic vocal elements that ‘Adrift’ suffers from getting held back slightly and while vocalist Mitch Richards is more than capable of releasing catchy melodies, it’s within Richards’ hard-core vocals that this EP feels at its best. Both ‘Imaginations’ and ‘Echelon’ when at their heaviest are onslaughts of passion and hate, which makes for a captivating listen, but as with the majority of this EP they suffer from slightly bland choruses and melodic vocals in general. It doesn’t quite deter from the quality of the 'Adrift', but does leave a feeling of “What might have been” had Richards vocals been predominantly hard-core throughout.

With ‘Adrift’ Terraform have produced something that musically gives them a giant leap forward, but vocally almost keeps them where they are. What should be taken away from this EP; is that Terraform are an incredibly talented band, who are not scared to try something different. Which in itself is a recipe for success.

Score: 7/10


1. Breach 
2. Atonement 
3. Imaginations 
4. The Seraphim 
5. Echelon

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