Friday, 1 July 2016

Review: Greyhaven 'State Of Mind'

Cannoning themselves into the spotlight of alternative rock are London’s Greyhaven, while previous EP release ‘The Flood’ showed a reputable amount of potential and vigour, the five piece have returned with ‘State Of Mind’ an EP that in short; will do nothing but further cement this band as having one of the brightest futures in the alternative rock/hard-core scene.

Both ‘Hexes’ and ‘Our Stand’ take their riffs and turns them up to 11, reminiscent of Bullet For My Valentine’s ‘The Poison’ the onslaught of incredibly well-crafted guitar work is fierce and unrelenting. Both tracks bring with them the kind of big melodic choruses that would seem at home on almost any stage the quintet will be gracing.

It’s with ‘Darkest Hour’ though that the hooks of this EP lie deepest in your skin. The blend of hard-core and melodic vocals magnetise to each other consistently throughout the track and build up into a chorus that seems capable of sending a seismic shift through the entire planet. It glistens as the flaunting highlight of ‘State Of Mind’ and in all honesty; a band of Greyhaven’s youth has absolutely no right to produce a song this encapsulating. Quality evidently shines through here.

Closing track of the EP ‘Brother’ dips its feet into a mix of different genres, with more pop punk infused verses and empathy filled choruses culminating into an anthemic sing-along. It diverts away from the pace set throughout ‘State Of Mind’ but still manages to hit a home-run and be up there with the best that this EP has to offer.

While it can be said that Greyhaven are not quite the finished article just yet, what can also be believed is that the five piece are one of the best young alternative bands to catapult themselves on to the scene this year and with ‘State Of Mind’ every single one of us should be taking notice of them.

Score: 8/10 

1. Sinners
2. Hexes
3. Darkest Hour
4. On & On
5. Our Stand
6. Brother
7. Brother (Clean Version)
8. On & On (Clean Version)

Review by Kristian Pugh

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